Lady Godiva - Almost One Year On

It only seems right to follow the last post with a long over-due photo update. As usual, time has passed me by and creative pursuits haven't been given the love they ought to. Lady Godiva, however, was finished long ago and followed by many more cuttings. She didn't quite live up to my expectations, but at the time this was the cutting that broke through a dry spell.


Back on the Horse

Slowly but surely I'm squeezing in more and more papercutting back into my daily routine, and you can be pretty sure that it's never far from my thoughts, even when I've not got one on the cutting mat! The long Easter weekend will most definitely include the beginnings of a Lady Godiva piece, inspired by my Guinevere and Lancelot cutting which I sold a couple of years ago. 

I'm expecting it to takes ages and for it to be a bit of a challenge to plunge myself back in, shaking off all the cobwebs that have gathered, but...if I'm honest with myself, I just want to do another pretty horse. 

Sunday Rituals

This is without a doubt one of my favourite ways to start a Sunday, paired with a huge mug of black coffee and followed by a good sprawl on the sofa with whatever I'm sporadically reading at the time. I made sweet potato rosti for the first time today and i'm a little bit in love. There's nothing quite like brunch / brinner and ours tend to look like these! ^ v

How do you celebrate Sundays?

Home is Where the Heart is.

Today is one of those days where the sky is impenetrably grey, work is going to be stressful and Friday seems a very long way off. What to do when things feel a little glum and you can't huddle up and hide away at home? I've got a few things in mind:

  • Buy some fresh flowers
  • Pack a healthy, satisfying lunch...
  • ...and a chocolatey treat
  • Plan something creative - I've got a Lady Godiva papercutting in mind which will distract me from any Wednesday woes
  • Wear something bright and colourful - I've gone for periwinkle blue nail varnish

And if none of that floats your boat, then just remember how lucky you are to have a home you never want to leave. 


This week I found out that my case studies, which were the cause of many months of stress, have been passed - hallelujah - but what I noticed more profoundly was that, although it's been a month since I sent the essays off to be marked, I am only now feeling free.

Last weekend I sat down and painted without feeling a pang of guilt. After work on Thursday I came home and put scalpel to paper - I started a piece and finished it last night. No guilt. No anxiety. No "oh crap I should be essaying," just in-the-moment gleeful creativity. It's taken a good while for this feeling to sink in and my motivation to return, but returning it is, along with the sunshine and I can feel a buzz of energy working it's way in to my ideas.

Spring sunshine makes such a difference, doesn't it?! But at the same time it makes me think, "what next?" On the horizon there is the prospect of doing a masters degree, something which I have coveted for a few years and the reason for my doing a counselling diploma, but now I've reached that time when I need to start applying and I'm prevaricating, letting fear get the better of me. I've given myself an ultimatum: Easter - decide which course, decide whether or not to defer, but ultimately GET APPLYING. 

Until then, I'm going to enjoy the feeling of guilt-free creativeness once again. 
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