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Post Marrakesh, a seven fantastic days, and I'm still a little squiffy from spending our last morning with my head in the toilet. Thank-you Djemaa El Fna food stalls and your irresistible calamari. Totally worth it.

So, to business...ish...On the 22nd June, Rosie and I made a convenient trip to Manchester City Art Gallery and had a rather pleasant stroll around some of the more familiar exhibitions, keeping our eyes out for something colourful, not too busy but full, involving nature and with a weird twist. We had also decided with Vicky that we wouldn't choose a contemporary image, thus we landed upon 'Eve Tempted' by John Spencer Stanhope, a second-wave Pre-Raphaelite. Rosie was particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities that this painting has presented and I think it shall be interesting to play with. I would like to point out that while I do bang on about the Pre-Raphaelites, I did not start out with the intention of looking at a Pre-Raphaelite related painting at all!

John Spencer Stanhope - Eve Tempted, 1887

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into a sketchbook tomorrow, though I think I'll address the group element of this project tentatively. This is after all still my summer and I don't fancy being made to stress out unnecessarily.

I may not have ventured down to London, but on Saturday Jed and I visited the MuseƩ de Marrakech and Ali Ben Youssef Medersa (a Quranic school founded in the 14th Century), both of which satisfied my Moorish interests; while I couldn't take pictures of the exhibitions there, I did take plenty of the amazing surroundings (which were the attraction anyway).

Over and Out.

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