Paper Play

Lorraine Nam

How did I not come across this beauty last year?!
- "Starling."

This is brilliant! I love all the movement within it, especially the wings of the birds in the foreground. I'd like to attempt something this intricate....may get the scalpel out tomorrow. That sounds macabre.

- "Asphyxiation"

The flowers at the bottom of the image winding in her hair are gorgeous. The composition of the image is quite ethereal; I keep finding pieces that I didn't immediately take in at first glance: the birds on the left and cuts presumably suggesting wind. I'd love to know the inspiration behind this piece; entitled 'Asphyxiation' it does appear somewhat overwhelming, it reminds me of that thick-aired feeling of hot summers, when you seem to be gulping hot air and the tiniest breeze brings relief. The girls dress is incredible.

- "Joy Luck"

A mix of images: a chest of draws with children sat in the top drawer, and a confusion of boxes and bento boxes, but the whole cutting originally appeared to be of a man dragging a many-layered box kite! But I believe they were invented by an Australian so that idea doesn't really gel with the traditional imagery. Inspiring quality of delicateness!

Oh oh oh! Just reminded me of this awesome animation!.....................Ten minutes of searching through my history later.........

"Waiting" - My Robot Friend (feat. Jay Kauffman) from MakeMakeStudio on Vimeo.

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