First Swap (from a while ago)

This is my first response to our groups chosen image, "Eve Tempted" by John Spencer-Stanhope. I struggled at first (as usual I suppose), as to what media I ought to use and played around in my sketchbook with several ideas. As my favourite sketchbook pieces where cut-out pieces I decided to give it a go.

This is one of my first experiments with scalpel play. I'd forgotten how enjoyable it is to work with just a knife, seeing things take shape as you cut away.

With all my sketchbook development work for this first piece I tried to avoid simply reproducing Spencer-Stanhope's 'Eve', attempting to play with the elements within his painting instead. Shaping them to represent the story of Eve's temptation without actually over-playing her temptation. 

I love that Spencer-Stanhope's painting captures the exact moment that Eve is tempted and the fact that the situation is bordering upon erotic; the snake (supposedly Satan in disguise) being portrayed as a man, appearing to whisper in Eve's ear. However, here I didn't want to show either character as either good, evil or tempted.

The image of the snake and the apple are possibly two of the better known images from the Bible and very much entwined within Genesis; while they are two very 'obvious' symbols to work with, the idea of setting Eve's temptation amidst them was interesting, as it meant I could also play on the idea of the apple being tainted, with the snaking border. Plus, I have a bit of a thing with framing an image, I suppose, and this gave me the opportunity to experiment.

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