Freaking Out.

Okay. My original ideas for the Product brief included: 

- a paper-cut lampshade inspired by Yu Jordy Fu's Cloud lamps

- intricate jewellery set

- a hanging mobile

These ideas all revolve around a sea theme, with lots of seaweed, anenomes, coral and beach flowers being the inspiration for the shapes and with the aim of making something with a very organic feeling. However...this being one of our first projects, and being of a 3D nature, I'm begininning to feel I've bitten off more than I can chew by attempting the hanging mobile. Especially as each piece that would need to be cut, by either the paper-cutter or the vinyl cutter, would require it's own individual design, due to the way I planned the prototype. There are also six or more layers to each flower, and I'd planned for about ten flowers. 

Bearing in mind that I rarely work in 3D and have barely experienced Illustrator AND have no idea how to go about making the hanging for the pieces of the mobile, I'm going to run away screaming from this idea and go with the plan I'd originally been really enthusiastic and happy with: a jewellery set!

I love the mobile, and I'm going to complete it in my own time, without the pressure of it having to be  able to mass produce it, and without the push for it to be made by someone / something else. I love making all the pieces by hand, by paper and allowing each piece to be entirely different from the next.

The jewellery set concept is a lot more do-able as there are fewer pieces to the jigsaw (so to speak) and I'm a lot more confident in my ability to pull it all together. I'd definitely want to attempt the mobile again in the future, using the required methods, but with two other briefs and no experience in this as of yet, I'm afraid I need to take a step back and chicken out for now.

This was my first experiment playing with the jewellery idea; I think I shall work more on this, and hopefully the final product will be made from vinyl. More research needed.


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