Kris Chau

Just this second discovered Philadelphian Kris Chau whose work I've fallen a little bit in love with. Possibly because it's such a nice contrast to looking at black paper-cuts. Her use of inks is brilliant! Chau's images are vibrant and full of personality, though there's still a very soft quality to them. The combination of more determined lines and that watery use of inks and watercolours creates such a girly feeling, though her bolder, black lines undermine that a little; I feel they could be made to appear more sinister with more sombre colours.

"Smoke Monster"


"Hearts Afire"

"Lover Loverly", which is the image of the little girl and snake, is fitting I suppose, looking at 'Eve Tempted'; the patchwork detail of the snake is really beautiful, I'd love to have had a soft toy snake with those patterns. Chau's use of inks make it look almost silky and reminds me of waxy batik paintings on silk that I did at GCSE, the white areas being where the wax would have set, the rest being a colour wash. I think it's the same with all her work, I can imagine it sitting really well on fabric, perhaps mixed with appliqué.

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