Oh Lindsey Carr, how I do love you.

Acrylic on wood

Lindsey Carr is an artist living and working in Scotland and is possibly one of my all-time favourites. Her paintings seem to glow, and I'm always spotting something I missed the first time I looked, a flower or vine that takes time to emerge from a dark background, making it really feel like the pieces are alive.

From Clockwise: "Dukkha", "The Fox Confessor", "The Spoils of War" and "Natural Dark"

Carr's mix of flora and fauna is extraordinary.


Terry Dunn1 said...

i agree. I just met Lindsey Carr last evening at a showing of her most recent works called "Homage to Canton" in Los Angeles, which i found extraordinary. In researching her earlier works this evening, I've been utterly mesmerized and delighted. Her works do indeed glow...very alchemic.

Terence Dunn said...

P.S. thanks for posting Lindsey's 5 works.

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