Carrie Garrott

"Beauty is a major component that I strive for in my artwork. I design with elements considered universally pleasing to the eye by employing features found in nature, specifically botanicals. The shapes, forms and colors of flowers transfer well into jewelry and art. Some of the jewelry pieces I create are stylized representations of botanicals made of sterling silver. Others are composed of actual petals and blooms. The real petals and blooms are dried, coated in beeswax and often combined with silver. Even with a coating of wax they are still quite fragile. The fragility of these pieces is a commentary on the delicate and fleeting nature of life. The manner of these works forces the wearer to take care not to do damage. It is my hope that people will see my work and take it (even on a subconscious level) as a reminder of life’s brevity and preciousness."

Says it all really.

"Inverse Bowl II" Fine silver, beeswax, rose petals

"Gerber Daisy Necklace" Gerber daisy petals, beeswax, sterling silver

"Delphinium Ring" Delphinium blooms, beeswax, sterling silver

"Hydrangea Ring" Hydrangea Petals, beeswax, sterling silver

"Vellum Hydrangea Chain" Vellum paper, sterling silver, beeswax

1 comment:

Michele Meister said...

beautiful jewellery ... love beeswax ! It wouldn't be a problem is summer ?

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