Lindsay Taylor

Lindsay Taylor is an award-winning textile artist, based on the Isle of Wight, from where she draws much of her inspiration. Taylor has been interested in textile creations from a young age, as a result of watching her grandmother working away on a Singer sewing machine.

After experimenting with her own creations as a child, gaining qualifications and making bespoke bridal gowns, Lindsay Taylor has progressed into making her own complete range of organic inspired products.

These shoes remind me of a project I did in high school in year 8 where we had to make our own shoe. I made a fairy shoe, not unlike the Poppyhead shoe above; I used loads of dried leaf skeletons and came second place in an independent schools art competition (brag brag). I think it ended up getting mauled by my cats.

Droool! This is like something out of Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original old film, not the awful new one).

I'd love to try making jewellery like this. I may attempt to knit some lace.

I would love a hibiscus necklace so much.

And THIS is my favourite! Bracken/ mossy necklace, reminds me of seaweed too. I don't know what it is about that kind of leafy tendril that captivates me...

The amount and quality of detail which goes into Lindsay Taylor's work is stunning. The fact that her work is as beautiful as it is, as well as being something that is used or worn, is what I like best about her work. I think I need to attempt my own bracken/seaweed/moss fabric necklace. Or set up camp in a forest...

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