My acrylic laser cut pieces arrived! About a week later than they were meant to, but I guess that's the way of things. So I need to have a rummage for my jewellery pliers and bits and pieces to finally make my necklace! I'm really pleased with how they've turned out! The detail's just right and they don't look messy at all, as I'd half anticipated, considering my poor Illustrator skills. 

We've started the Cross Pathway Group Project. I like working on my own, or with other illustrators in the making, so this is going to be a (I almost said painful) tricky few weeks and already I'm counting down to half-term. 

Our brief is simply: KINETIC. Yey. I entirely understand the purpose of this project, and to be honest I think I'm pretty good at working within a group, but what makes it so difficult for me is when we're supposedly coming up with ideas, and the other people in the group just sit there. I can't stand that sort of silence, so it ends up being me suggesting ideas and trying to drag something up. But what pisses me off is when those ideas then get basterdized or don't meet my personal standards as a result of the group dynamic. It's so tempting to forfeit the 10% that the project makes up and stay home working on things that won't get me this highly strung. But that would make me one of those annoying people within the group who you can never rely on because they don't come in. So that's not going to be happening any time soon. Anyway, I don't think I need to stress too much just yet, as our group's pretty cool so far.

On a brighter, less whiney note: I've really enjoyed writing the Critical Analysis essay. Critical Studies always makes me miss studying English Literature, even if William Blake and sodding Emily Dickinson were the bane of my life at the time.

There's still so much work I need to post this week...and does anyone know where I could find a classic metal slinky?! I've looked everywhere! I think I may have to revert to Amazon.

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