I spent most of Tuesday morning emailing Zap Creatives about sorting my necklace out, and a few hours ago I paid £32 in order to get [as Zap dubbed them] Lots of White Sea Shapes cut into acrylic. Because they have a minium order quantity of £25, and one set of my shapes would have come to just under £5.00, I ended up ordering five sets in order to get them! Most expensive bits of plastic I've ever bought, so I hope they're worth it. 

I am actually really excited about them though! They should arrive by Tuesday and then I'll get them all hooked up onto a chain. I'm very grateful to Zap Creative's Dave, who was very patient with my queries. I'd really like to use their services again in the future, not only for uni work but for my own as well.

I think I'll attempt to sell the other four necklaces (maybe three if I like it enough) on Etsy and see if I can't get my money's worth back. Even just to sell one would be ridiculously exciting. Though not if it's to my mum.

I've been cracking on with my narrative sequence brief and I'm enjoying getting stuck in, though I need to consider it's presentation before Friday. I was surprised and pleased by todays tutorial, too. I am thoroughly enjoying the freedom that this year is so far offering; I feel as if there are a lot more possibilities and my mind feels a little freer to explore my own ideas and interests without being nudged towards a goal. I'm also feeling a lot more responsible for my ideas and work; I enjoy that self-reliant feeling, rather than feeling like I'm waiting to be told what to do.

And despite finding it hard to resist the urge to hibernate instead of getting out of bed in the morning, the minute I get into college I feel very happy to be there. Hopefully the rest of the year will be like this, including next weeks dreaded group project.

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