Zap Creatives

While desperately searching for an alternative to paying £100 for a four hour tutorial at Fred Aldous, I thankfully discovered Zap Creatives, an online laser cutting and supply company who may be able to cut my designs into acrylic plasticcy stuff which I will then be able to attach onto a necklace chain myself. So I've emailed enquiring about this and attached the required illustrator file for them to check and see whether they'd be capable of doing it, what with it being quite intricate. I really hope they will be able to. It would be nice to know that it's off being done and I'll get a lovely, if half finished, result in the post that I will (hopefully) be very proud of. 

So, the goal is: The Necklace! The rings will have to remain a pretty idea until I've had time to experiment more in more own time, which I'd really like to do. However, I may see if I have time to get them cut on the paper-cutter, perhaps in a thicker card. Though I think I shall put the settings that I have made already onto metal bases and actually wear them, 'cos I think they're funky!

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