Contemporary Studies Essay

This week has been a complete and utter write-off and as I result I've not achieved a whole lot except hiding under my duvet covers. But I'm up, and determined to put this week well and truly behind me. 

Our next Critical & Historical brief is a Contemporary Studies Essay with a choice of three questions. I've decided upon the third of the three:

            "What have been the connections between fine art and design? Choose one specific decade and the design / designers must relate to your own pathway area and link their work/s to relevant post-modern ideas and themes."

Exciting. I'll be looking at Jan Pienkowski's work as I've been heavily influenced by his imagery since I was first introduced to the pop-up book Haunted House, Meg and Mog, and when I first started reading: A Necklace of Raindrops, written by Joan Aiken and which Pienkowski illustrated. 

Last year I frequently looked a lot at Pienkowski's cut-out and inky illustrations for inspiration, because personally, there's only so much Rob Ryan I can take and I find Pienkowski's cut-outs much more interesting and so much more sincere than Rob Ryan's 'crowd pleasers'.

It'll be interesting to explore the concept of Pienkowski's work as fine art and where he lies as a post-modern designer.

Here are a few examples of Jan Pienkowski's work:

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