Backtracking, as promised.

Around October we were working on the brief Cross Pathways Project. I worked with Barney, from Moving Image, and Jamey, from Graphics. Things started off incredibly slowly, though I'm aware that many weren't wildly excited about the brief and we ended up going with something very basic. 

It wasn't the best idea, nor the best presented but we had fun doing it and while it might not have ignited much change within the way we worked, it definitely did on a personal level.

I'm not sure if the sound will work on this, but if it does, it's me that's makes the excited screechy noise towards the end. There was meant to be a balloon filled with ink attached to the frame that would be burst by a pin on the end of the cup. The balloon-bursting bit did work, but we didn't get a chance to film the whole thing in action as it blew over the night before we had to present it and everything went skewiff and ceased to function. It took a lot of time to get that scruffy thing working on it's own. It may have looked awful but that's mostly because we spent a frustrating amount of time getting it to work! We are just three art students after-all...

It was a giggle...often frustrating...unusual, and I was over the moon when it was over and done with!

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