I've been working on bits and pieces for our current brief, revolving around Stockport's resource centre 'for homeless and disadvantaged people': Wellspring. I'm enjoying the work at the moment, though more on that later when I have bits and bobs scanned in.

I have, however, been getting on with my own sketchbook stuff more crocheting! 

Yaay! I've got so many plans and prospective projects that I'm finding it a little tricky to get enthused about the day-to-day uni work. But I always feel a bit like this at the end of February so it'll pass.

As of tomorrow I'm going to be volunteering/helping out at my high school in the art department on Mondays. I originally understood that I'd just be helping out with lesson preparations, getting stuff out etc, but it seems my old art teacher is going to treat my days there as if I were a trainee teacher...or that's the plan. I don't want to get my hopes up, and I'm more than happy to just do odd jobs helping out! I need all and any experience I can get if I've got any chance of eventually getting onto a PGCE course.

I've been ridiculously excited about tomorrow but the nerves hit me today and I feel quite sick. Bleeh.


TanyaJayne said...

Hello! Your work is lovely. Where do you study?
I love all of this crochet stuff!

Lol said...

Thanks! I'm doing my BA (hons) at Stockport College in Manchester; it's a partnership college with Liverpool John Moores Uni :) You're at Kingston, yes? Enjoying it?

Thanks again, hopefully getting a wee shop up and running trying to get rid of it all soon haha! xx

TanyaJayne said...

Aah excellent. Yes, I'm at Kingston. I'm reeaallly enjoying it thank you. Although I'm looking forward to the summer break now, I just want to lie down and not do any work for a little while please. ha :)

A shop would be an excellent idea. Let me know when you do manage to do that, I'd love to have a look! Are you enjoying it in Manchester?
:) xx

Lol said...

Oh same! I finish next week though thankfully! Have you anything nice planned for your summer? Apart from recovering? :)

Hopefully in June my friend and I will be selling prints and jewellery at a vintage fair, which is very exciting! And setting up etsy shops as well as doing the fair regularly! Scary but good!

Manchester's home so it has it's ups and downs haha! Just discovered the most lovely tea and cake shop though, which I think may make my summer! :D xx

TanyaJayne said...

Wow! I'm pretty jealous, there aren't too many nice tea and cake shops in Kingston.. Although I'm moving closer to central London for next year. So I'm sure I can find something perfect there!

I also finish next week... I'm making a stinky magazine for my FMP which is taking far too long and the photoshop is killing my brain, but I'm neeaarrlly done thank goodness.

Don't have anything planned for the summer really, except for moving into the flat. I'm thinking far too many picnics and barbecues though. And maybe beaches. And actually drawing for myself again.

My home is in Pembrokeshire, which is in Wales. I think I'll only go back there for a little bit to see family and spend far too long on the beach. :)

I cannot wait to see your shop! That's very exciting! And I completely agree, it's really scary thinking about starting to sell work and stuff. I just think 'who the bloody hell would want to buy this?' haha.

Oh I want tea and cake right now. mm. xxx

Lol said...

Oh I imagine you'd definitely find some closer to central London! There are a ton around Manchester and where I live which I'm looking forward to wasting time in over summer :)

Haha, why's it stinky? Too much time and fuss on it? I know the feeling when a brief really wears you out!

Oo Pembrokshire's beautiful, lucky you to have such a nice place to go home to; that sounds like a lovely summer. Mine's going to be spent job hunting and trying to do as much of my own art work as possible :) as well as picnics and attempting to make the most of good weather!

Aw thanks, me too haha! Fingers crossed I get everything on my to do list done! I went to a vintage fair the other day and spent far too much money on jewellery and things like old cigar tins and trinkets!?! Such a magpie!

Mm scones with jam and cream. Yumyum. xxx

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