Our next brief was to choose a piece of editorial writing and produce an illustration for it. I couldn't decide between a piece from The Guardian online about communication between Sperm whales and a recent main feature in The Sunday Times Magazine about the news channel, Al-Jazeera, and the impact their broadcasts have had on the Arab revolutions, as well as the possible impact that might occur, should they reach out to a wider audience in America. Beefy right?

The idea was to chose something that might be somewhat challenging, soooo I chose The Sunday Times piece. How naive of me. It's been a bitch. I really enjoyed working on the roughs, and had several ideas I was really keen on, playing with the title 'Jasmine Revolutions', managing to work ideas and my style together rather well. But after finishing the painting for my final image and it came to placing it in a layout, I had a bit of a meltdown. And HATED it. So I've decided to re-do it and hand it in at the end of the module along with the other briefs. I was just so unhappy with it, I couldn't bring myself to hand it in. Sigh. Thus why this post isn't accompanied by images. I shall scan in and post some of my roughs when I get home, scanner willing.

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