Emma Block

Emma Block is an Illustration student at Middlesex University, in her third year, and busy creating some wonderful work by the look of it!

Jaques Town House
Emma creates the elements within her illustrations separately after sketching out ideas. Elements within these sketches are then traced to become individual pieces, which Emma then traces onto carefully chosen coloured papers. All these elements are then brought together, stuck down and worked into here and there using inks.

Punting on the Cam
The end result is a beautiful low relief illustration with an interesting quality of depth. A while ago I began experimenting with cutting up and layering my paintings in an attempt to combine two methods which I love and struggle to decide between. I'm still experimenting with this method, painting my elements in acrylic on acrylic paper though, rather than working with coloured papers, and I've begun to incorporate it into recent briefs. 

I've yet to scan in my work for the 8 x 8 brief so I'm not sure whether this method will be entirely successful, but I'm pleased with how it initially looks. We'll see.

Love Vintage

Any-who, Emma Block's a prolific illustrator who appears to be making a name for herself with her fab work, so here are links to her blog and website:

Emma Block's Blog
Emma Block Illustration


Shayla said...

These are so lovely. The color palettes are very romantic!

Lol said...

They are aren't they! Hazy springtime colours :)

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