Papergirl Manchester's Help Japan - Art sale

On the 31st of March a few of us pootled off to Common Bar in the rather swish Northern Quarter to attend Papergirl Manchester's Help Japan art sale. I bought one of their posters which could also be made into a lovely paper crane.

There were various posters, prints, original illustrations, photography, totes, Japanese inspired fans and even woollen beards for sale, with all the money going to the Red Cross Tsunami Appeal. Sadly, by the time we got there, a lot of the work had been sold (although not sadly really, as it's all for a good cause!), but it was a lovely atmosphere, and it was nice to see artists, illustrators and photographers exhibiting together. And while I'd already donated £25, there was some lovely work I wish I'd gotten my hands on.

This is us:

Thanks to Megan Thomas for letting me pinch her photograph x

Common does a mean toasted sandwich by the way!

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