PDP (Professional Development Planning)

As part of my 'Professional Development Planning' there are several things I'm required to do, as well as lots more blogging in general.


'Record briefly in 200 - 300 words the best three pieces of advice
you have been given/heard this year. These can be sourced from
anywhere. The response though should reflect on how and why this
advice is meaningful to your practice.'

To be honest, I think a lot of the advice I'm usually given is along the lines of 'chill out'. I'm sure I've been given plenty of fabulous advice, but due to the nature of their timing, they don't tend to stick.

- Towards the beginning stages of working on the Wellspring brief, I was talking to Ian about wanting to continue working with acrylic paints, and he advised that it would be worthwhile working in this way, as it was obviously something which I felt I had an affinity with, and my work would be more interesting as a result; I'd be throwing more of myself into it. 

- This gent, in his first year at Kingston University, studying Graphic Design, was always telling me not to dive straight into an image, especially when it's something that needs to be developed and allowed to change. I have tried really hard to take this on-board this year; in my personal work I've always tended to jump straight into making an image, without planning it or considering how exactly it's going to take shape, and as a result the final result is usually nothing like the idea in my head. However, I've found myself getting into a habit now, of planning my images, producing rough sketches and storyboards, and really planning my imagery. As a result I've been much happier with my work (with the exception of the recent editorial brief, though I'm determined to get it to match my ideal).

Aaand that's all I can think of for now, but I'll be sure to post any more advice that crops up.


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