The Fox & The Bee

Once again it's lovely rainy Summer-time, and I finished uni a week ago. Since then my friend Megan and I have taken the first few itsy bitsy steps to set up our joint craft and illustration extravaGANZA! We've called our little venture 'The Fox & The Bee'; Megan's the fox, I'm the bee! Buzz buzz.

We've wrangled a table at Stockport's Vintage Village fair in June, set up a facebook page (which is the most important part, obviously..), a twitter account and are working on our individual etsy shops! So hopefully we might get some attention and possibly even sell some of our creations!

Little peak at one of my pieces...

I'm extremely pleased to have a project to immerse myself in already, and it's fab to be working on things that have been swimming about at the back of my head for months!

The Fox & The Bee Facebook page

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