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Company of liars is a fantastic novel, set in 14th Century England, and amidst the engulfing onslaught of the plague we meet the story's narrator, gradually becoming swept up by the relationships between the small group of travellers, each with their secrets, and all trying the escape the plague's spread, hoping to find somewhere untouched where they may be accepted, despite their mysterious pasts. 

I absolutely loved this book as it encompasses so many elements of intrigue from a time long forgotten, filled with concepts which are lost upon modern society. It's this sort of novel which I enjoy getting lost in. While the story itself was fascinating, the way it is written is equally important. A book can have a brilliant plot, but executed badly and it does nothing for me. I don't like to be reminded that I'm reading, I prefer writing which is seamless and allows you to be drawn in. 

Filled with relics, folklore and slowly unwinding mysteries, Company of Liars is a hard book to put down, and I found Karen Maitland's writing conjured up powerful imagery of Medieval England.

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