Bee Mobile

Here is my finished Bee Mobile. More or less finished anyway. This isn't exactly child friendly, so on it's own it doesn't entirely meet the brief, but with my colouring in sheets and dot-to-dot, both Ian and the ladies from the Museum were very positive, and liked my ideas for making a more interactive 'Do-it-yourself Bee'. I more or less dove right into this when we got the brief, and I think it benefited me most because I did it more for myself than to answer the brief, and I think that's something I've needed to do recently, as I've been feeling a bit low about my work so far. I'll stop being glum soon, promise.

And below is the image that may be used when we run the children workshop in Manchester Museum on the 28th of January, though Ian and I did discuss the possibility of me doing a large shield-like Bee paper-cutting, which I think I'd prefer, but this is a cool lil back-up.

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