Lord Whitney

Lord Whitney is the result of a collaboration between Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney, two graduates of Leeds Met Graphics Art & Design course, who have, since their graduation in 2006, worked incredibly hard to make themselves known. Through persistence and a wonderful sense of humor and imagination, they have produced work which is increasingly becoming recognised and applied to all sorts of projects, including music videos, festivals, stage design and costumes!

They kindly came into college to give us a lecture about what happened after they left university, how they found the transition from being a student to trying to work within the creative industry, and how their collaboration grew. This was one of the most interesting presentations I've seen, and it was unbelievably refreshing to hear from each of them: the various jobs they worked on after uni, both separately and under Lord Whitney. They were brutally honest about the ups and downs of getting work (and on the subject of the importance of a few drinks and good company), and while there were evidently times where they struggled some-what, what was emphasised most was how much enjoyment they got out of their work and how hard they've worked to get to a position where, for most of the time, producing work as Lord Whitney is their full-time source of income.

However, they made it very clear that in order to get where they are it has been a matter of an innate need to create, and that that has been a predominant factor in their success, because they are truly enjoying and getting satisfaction out of their projects.

After feeling rather at a loss with my work, hearing them talk reminded me that I ought to be enjoying each opportunity which is posed with each brief, and that recently I hadn't been, as the pressure of the briefs had taken its toll, and that perhaps that's why I don't feel as though I'm doing as well as I could be, because I'd forgotten to enjoy it! As a result I've resolved to approach the few consequent briefs, before the Major Project, with a different attitude! Instead of panicking at the thought of more work, and begrudging it, I'd like to see it as a chance to show what I'm capable of.

After the lecture Amy and Rebekah joined us in the studios and set us a mini-brief: 'Compund Nouns'. They provided a list of suggested compound nouns which we could work with, or we could come up with our own. The brief was fairly open an enabled us to play with our responses, letting our imaginations run wild with it. This was an optional brief, but I think just about everyone took it on as it provided a good opportunity to let go abit and just make something for the sake of it, without fear of it being critically assessed. I went with the suggestion Moth-ball as when we'd gotten the Bug project I was a little disappointed to see that moths weren't on there, and it lent itself the idea of something quite delicate, which I felt would be fitting with my paper-cutting! I'll post images of my moth-ball soon as I wasn't entirely happy with it by the deadline, but I'd like to play with it more in my own time. It was another attempt to produce something 3-D and I don't feel confident enough yet translating the images and plans in my head into something tangible. Hopefully I'll get there soon.

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