Business Cards

Last week I sent off to have five designs printed as business cards by, in preparation for the upcoming pootle down to London. I've stubbornly stuck with my blog and website title image; the Fortuna piece from last module; a cutting which I've recently finished for the fmp, and inverted, as it looks rather interesting as a white cutting against black; and the stars which were leftover from another recent piece, which I felt worked quite nicely as an ambiguous, subtle image. They may not get given out much, but I'm fond of them; they're lovely and smooth to the touch.

I also decided to downsize to an A4 portfolio, as opposed to my A3 one. My old work looks dreadful on such a large scale, as it was produced on a small one! And as I'm not keen on it anyway, I like it even less when it's more 'in your face'! I think both my old and new work looks much cleaner and professional printed within an A4 boundary, and I'm already much more confident in the appearance of my portfolio at this size. Plus the inside's purple.

Over and out.

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Rachel said...

love your business cards! :) x

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