FMP Development

The first few weeks of the Final Major Project feel like they've gone incredibly slowly! Considering that I'm moving more in the direction of paper-cutting, as opposed to painting or drawing, I'm still adjusting to the change. I've found that I'm diving straight into cuttings, rather than sketching out ideas first, though not unsuccessfully. A lot of my plans for the project are circulating in my head, and when I've tried to plan things out in a sketchbook it's made then executing a paper-cutting a little over-wrought. I'm much happier 'sketching', as it were, with a scalpel and working out the details as I go along. 

Currently I'm just fiddling around with a few small pieces, as well as attempting sketchbook work, all of which is to be translated onto 'aged' pages, which i've begun to tea-stain, as I'd like the book to be tactile, the focus being centred however, on the paper-cuttings. So many problems could arise from this decision, I suppose, but I'm going to stick with it for now. 

With the trip to London looming, it does feel as if everyone's kind of putting off getting too stuck in, especially as there are things such as updating portfolios to think about, not to mention attempting to get portfolio visits. My head's a little bit all over the place. I am admittedly loving this new way of working. I may have dug my heels in a bit (a lot) at first about Gary and Ian's insistence that I  move towards the cutting, but I feel so much more confident doing it, and I'm rather loving the challenge of something new. Fingers crossed I still feel this way in a couple of months!

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