The run up to our trip down to London was somewhat fraught, especially as we're now several weeks into our Final Major Project and everyone's beginning to feel the pace picking up! I'd been begrudging the visit a little, as it collided with a comfortable flow which I've just settled in to, nevermind the costs; considering I handed my notice in at work the other week, I 've been feeling a teensy bit tense about how much it drained my savings, though it definitely turned out to be worth it.

Many of us were unsuccessful in our hunt for portfolio viewings, partly because the timing of the trip clashed with the Bologna Book Fair, and, in my case, because I left it until the last minute to even consider where I'd want to get a viewing. Our itinerary was pretty packed though, and I got increasingly excited (but mostly nervous) about actually putting things into motion.

Despite my lack of pre-arranged visits, I made sure to update my portfolio, including some of my recent work created as part of the FMP, and I actually downsized from and A3 to an A4 portfolio, which I feel my work sits much better in. The intricacy of my paper cutting is lost when scanned in and presented at a larger scale, and I feel so much more confident with them at A4. Perhaps if I work on anything on a larger scale, then maybe I  will consider A3, but for now, it's looking lovely and snug.

In three days we managed to pack in heaps, and while keeping on track with the 'business' side of things, we also had a blast. And I definitely spent far too much money, with a little bit of encouragement from Jo! She agreed that I needed this ring, and I was too weak to resist...

I regret nothing.

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