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A good few months have gone by since my last blog post, though they've been an extremely productive few months indeed! So, prepare for a barrage of posts, there's an awful lot for me to catch up on!

Last week I was contacted by the curator and owner of Thumbtack Press, Barry Friedland, as he'd come across my feature and interview with Olaf Hajek. He was kind enough to inform me that Thumbtack Press had recently acquired Olaf Hajek as one of their many prolific, contemporary artists and illustrators selling their prints through the site. As a huge fan of Olaf Hajek's work (though having previously thought I couldn't quite afford his prints), I was happy to find that through Thumbtack Press I could buy a very reasonably prints of Hajek's work at around £12.75 or $19.99!

Natureman 2 - Olaf Hajek

They provide open-edition prints, with no limit on availability, making them much more accessible, particularly for art lovers, like myself, who may not quite have the funds to match their ever-growing collection. Thumbtack Press' collection of lobrow and contemporary artists and illustrators has been carefully curated and the site recently refurbished, providing a refreshing combination of features and functionality, making it easier to discover new artists and their artwork. This, in particular appeals to me as the useful 'Randomizer' feature has introduced me to loads of new work, which I'd otherwise have never come across! Plus, they're always expanding, adding new artists to the site; with most artists comes a biography and links to their websites and any blogs or additional information they have out on the web, which, as an Illustration student, is additionally useful, providing greater insight into their work.

Amazing Discoveries - Quincy Sutton

I'm currently saving up for a trip to London, but it's nice to know that there will still be plenty of Olaf Hajek's prints available on Thumbtack Press when I've got some money to spare! 

It's definitely worth a look:

Image source: Thumbtack Press


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