Manchester Museum's Big Saturday Bug Event.

Discovered this sneaky picture on Google Images! I'm obviously having a blast!

After the Christmas holiday we had to think about preparations for Manchester Museum's Big Saturday Bug event, which we'd produced work for in order to provide an interactive activity day for kids, an event which Manchester Museum frequently runs. The main piece of work which I created, working with the insect theme of the event, wasn't particularly suitable for interaction, though it was definitely a turning point in my work, one which led me to becoming much happier with my work! Here it is again -

In the last few weeks though I made a couple of mazes, a dot-to-dot and colouring in pages which were surprisingly fun to do. In order to keep the same idea of movement as with the mobile, I used one of the bee silhouettes from the mobile itself and made several photocopies of it. With this I photocopied a honeycomb and bee pattern which I'd made for the front of my portfolio, at A3. Rolling the patterned A3 paper from corner to corner, I made a lovely patterned stick! I then cut around the silhouette of the bee and attached this using clear thread to the stick! This made an awesome floaty bee-stick thing! It was oddly fun; as the paper was just standard printer paper, the bee floated brilliantly on the end of the thread and wafted nicely. 

Despite this being a kind of last minute creation, it turned out to be quite popular, and I had loads of children coming up asking for the bat on a turned out it was difficult to discern that it was a bee, understandably I suppose, so I encouraged them to colour it in on the other side. I also encouraged them to cut it out themselves while I rolled the and secured the stick, in order to get it the right length. It was lovely to see loads of little ones wandering around the Museum wafting bees / bats!

All in all the day was really fun! Exhausting, but fun! I'd had no idea what to expect from it, but it was great to see how busy it got, though I think perhaps some aspects of our brief were a bit defunct, as neither the children nor their parents showed a huge amount of interest in things like our posters. Never the less it turned out to be a very successful brief, and it was amusing watching toddlers colouring in. One little girl in an incredibly pink princess dress chose to simply rip her A3 colouring-in picture into tiny pieces without attempting much colouring in first. Kids are hilarious. 

A lot of the parents who came round had lovely things to say about everyone's work and seemed pleased to have us providing the entertainment. Once I've scanned in the honeycomb pattern and bee I'll pop it up on here!

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