Three years have finally come to an end, culminating in a huge (inevitable) amount of stress, a lot of alcohol and a bout of flu, but it's all over! I finished putting up most of my exhibition today, so the pressure is now more or less off, and it feels fantastic. I've rediscovered early nights and reading, and couldn't be happier. Saying that, I'm dreading results; I think when it comes down to it I just didn't tick enough boxes. I'd be super happy to pass with honours and get a 2:2, but I'm trying not to think about it too much.

Since the final hand in date I've been keeping myself busy! Paper-cutting still feels new to me and I suppose I'm a little worried that if I don't keep it up, that lovely flow that i've discovered with my work may just disappear. So, I've done a couple of pieces which I've been hankering to do for a while. I've become one of those people addicted to Instagram, but I don't regret it. The more people that see my work the better, surely, so what's wrong with that? And the occasional cat picture... I've been quite successful on the social networking front, and Instagram's just another outlet, and I've found it's been a fantastic source of inspiration and quite the ego boost. I've had a fair amount of interest in my paper-cuttings and made some  connections with others who work with paper, swapping scalpel recommendations and what-not! Here are a few bits and pieces I've been working on over the last two weeks or so...

This one's based upon the Russian story of Baba Yaga, and I shaped her into a Matryoshka doll shape to keep with the Russian feel. It's also fitting, as I always call Matryoshka dolls Babushka dolls, but that means 'old woman' and isn't their correct name, but Baba Yaga is definitely a Babushka.

This cutting got the best response of anything I've shared on Instagram yet! I suppose with the rise of craft and the 'vintage' aesthetic, something so simple as a pair of stork scissors was bound to be a bit of a winner. All freehand, and no planning. Paper-cutting has become easier than picking up a pencil these days, I love that cutting away creates something! If that even makes sense!

I bought a soldering iron / pyrography iron (?) / general burny - hot thing and tried my hand at pyrography. For a first go it's not too bad I guess, and I didn't set anything on fire! Cute and fun to do, but I don't imagine it'll make an appearance in the old portfolio!

And last but not least, two pieces I knocked out to frame my frames in my exhibition space! It'll be clearer when I get round to posting pictures of the finished space!

I've got a couple of exciting projects to be cracking on with, as well as just getting all the things I've been wanting to work on all semester out of my system! I don't know whether my choice of Final Major Project will have done so well getting me marks, but it's motivated me so much, and led me to discover a niche, filled by people who work with similar subject matter and I'm constantly coming up with new things I want to cut! But for now it's 10pm and I think I prefer 10pm bedtimes to angsty 2 am ones!

More soon.
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