The Hare's Head

Since finishing work for the summer (two whole months) I've been paper-cutting almost non-stop, in between soaking up as much of the weather as possible. I've had a few commissions, a few opportunities to trade, but mostly I've been able to work on a range of ideas that I'd been unable to focus on whilst at work.

This hare cutting was cut in maybe just under four hours and he's got to be one of my favourite pieces of work yet, though he got snapped up almost straight away after I posted him on Instagram. Perhaps I'm a little sad for getting so attached to my work, but the ideas have spent so long mulling around in my head that it's somewhat difficult not to hoard them all.

Next up will be a matching fox head...

Materialistic Monday - Pick a Jewel

How fantastic are these earrings from Novelax? The possibilities of what you could adorn your ears with are endless. I particularly love that it puts an element of control into the hands of the wearer; you're not just deciding on what jewellery you're going to wear, you're actually taking their appearance into much greater consideration.

The earrings are beautiful in their own right, incredibly simple and very thoughtfully crafted to be utilitarian though attractive. Novelax is a union of young Japanese designers, initially made up of three design collectives, founded in 2007 after meeting in the Netherlands at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Three years after opening their online store for domestic customers, Novelax opened up their store to international customers in 2011.

Flowers would be my immediate choice but there are some other lovely examples on the Pick a Jewel listing; scraps of fabric  or even some of my own paper-cuttings would be on my list of 'jewels'.

(Images of earrings taken from Novelax)

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