A Cottage by the Sea

Picture borrowed from Owners Direct

This time next week Dan and I will be preparing to head off to Saltburn-by-the-sea with my parents to celebrate their respective birthdays. Rufio (our year old kitty) will be living at mum and dad's for the week with my brother Mike and our old and considerably noisier cat, Ross.

The prospect of being away - anywhere - is exciting and we can't wait to go running on the beach and paddle in the sea! The cottage we're staying in is right on top of a cliff with the most beautiful views. Away will go the iphone and the noise that comes with living in the centre of Stockport, and to be honest I'm looking forward to that the most. Peace. That and spending time with the 'rents; after moving out last year I haven't spent more than an overnight stay with them!
Also, look how pretty!

Where are you excited about going?

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