When life gets in the way.

Things I've been doing instead of paper-cutting:
  • Work: changing roles and working with a child with much more demanding needs that have required a lot of research.
  • Training to be a ChildLine counsellor.
  • Volunteering as a trained ChildLine Counsellor - that period of training was intense and if I'm honest I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with it! Getting used to volunteering after work and even just getting there has had a huge impact.
  • Essays for my Psychotherapeutic Counselling diploma - drowning in them.
  • After school Art Club which has been interesting, helping me get an idea of how children develop their skills at different ages. It's also made me realise how huge a disparity there is between art and 'art' taught in schools.
  • Attempting to eat 'clean' and be healthy - haa, that's been a bit all over the place! Since hurting my back and coming out with a slipped disc in August, I've really struggled with my weight this year, for so many reasons but largely because I try very hard to avoid activities that are going to cause the pain to flare up - which means that apart from being active at work, the amount I exercise has become incredibly limited.
All poor excuses. I'm halfway through my first week of the five week summer holiday and I'm starting small, attempting to make changes to my habits and routines in a way that I can maintain when the Autumn term starts in September. Apart from dreaded Case Studies for my Counselling course and everything else that comes with that, I will be starting a Teaching Assistant course in September. I don't know why I do this to myself. Luckily there'll only be an overlap of three months where I'll be doing both courses at once. 

I suppose after that, the plan for the next few months / 2016 is to focus on getting healthy: sort my back out, exercise consciously and with solid goals, and mostly, get rd of the anxiety that I've begun to feel building up as a result of all the things on my to do list(s). I'm looking forward to making use of the skills that I've learnt over the last two years and honing those, rather than spreading myself too thin.

Oh! And to get papercutting back under my skin! Here's a little one I did this morning.

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