Warp and Weft


Tapestry Weaving Revisited

A year or so ago I bought myself a lovely tapestry loom from Etsy to try and get myself weaving, something that I remember doing in school and loving, but never trying in my own time. My mum had a tapestry loom when I was little that I was intrigued by, so much so that I attempted to make one in DT club when I was in year 11. I say 'attempted to make' but it was more of an attempt to get the DT teacher to make it for me. Not a fan of DT at the time. I got as far as finding the wood I wanted to use and explaining I just wanted to whack some nails in. Which is why, until last year, I'd never had a loom of my own. This pink and yellow piece, or Battenberg as I like to call it, was my first ever weaving.

While exploring Saltburn-by-the-sea's shops we discovered a wool shop called Ripping Yarns and I was treated to several balls which I intend to put towards my second weaving. I've got a few pattern ideas but I think I'll sketch them out first, rather than diving in like I did with the above. It turned out pretty well though, despite being ad-hoc, and is currently hanging in my office/studio/laundry room/second bedroom/walk-in wardrobe.

I should probably get some doweling rods to hang my next project from, I could do with having that knitting needle back!

Saltburn-by-the-sea: Coastguard Cottages

In the second week of August Dan and I made ourselves comfortable in the back of my mum and dad's car and settled down for the journey to Saltburn-by-the-sea. The week we spent in Saltburn, living in Old Saltburn atop a hill in a cottage on a strip of homes making up the Coastguard Cottages, was one of the best holidays I've ever been on. I'm used to holidays abroad and the feeling of having to pack everything in because you may never be there again. Instead, our stay here made me feel more relaxed than I've felt in a long time. Away went that knot in my chest, the anxiety that I've been kneading about the many things that seem to be littering my to-do list. Away went the feeling of obligation to see everything and capture it to prove how adventurous I'd been. Instead, I reevaluated. Slowed down. And felt freed by the wide open skies, fields and sea that lay at our doorstep.

Ten days since we got back and I'm still clinging to that particular peace that I enjoyed while we were there, but it's slipping away as I chip away at my pile of essays and the inevitable return to school gets closer. I don't want to lump everything from the holiday into one post so I'm going to split it up and savour it. Holidays are always full of promise and plans, and this holiday was the same, but I'm so determined to achieve them. The problem with living in a city is that you lose those wide open spaces filled with possibility, and living surrounded  can be so claustrophobic, making wide plans seem smaller and further away.

I'm working on it though.

Jus Rol Croissants

 Call me lazy, but the range of products from Just Roll are un-be-liev-able. What's more exciting on a Sunday morning than being able to have hot-from-the-oven croissants after half an hour and only five minutes of actual preparation?! I've made their cinnamon swirls a couple of times, both times dying and going to heaven, but this Sunday I had a pang for croissants. After the fun part - popping open the tube - there's the discovery that the pastry is ready perforated (idiot proof) and in seconds you've rolled your very own crescent croissant!

Chunky ginger jam, honey and slathers of Lurpak! I couldn't fault these, except that they weren't big enough! Perhaps that's something to do with how tightly I rolled them? Nevertheless, they made my Sunday that bit more special! I love Jus-Rol's range of products and recipes on their site! It's a big step up, but I'm going to be adventurous and try their Honey and Lavender Panna Cotta Tartlets next!

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