Tapestry Weaving Revisited

A year or so ago I bought myself a lovely tapestry loom from Etsy to try and get myself weaving, something that I remember doing in school and loving, but never trying in my own time. My mum had a tapestry loom when I was little that I was intrigued by, so much so that I attempted to make one in DT club when I was in year 11. I say 'attempted to make' but it was more of an attempt to get the DT teacher to make it for me. Not a fan of DT at the time. I got as far as finding the wood I wanted to use and explaining I just wanted to whack some nails in. Which is why, until last year, I'd never had a loom of my own. This pink and yellow piece, or Battenberg as I like to call it, was my first ever weaving.

While exploring Saltburn-by-the-sea's shops we discovered a wool shop called Ripping Yarns and I was treated to several balls which I intend to put towards my second weaving. I've got a few pattern ideas but I think I'll sketch them out first, rather than diving in like I did with the above. It turned out pretty well though, despite being ad-hoc, and is currently hanging in my office/studio/laundry room/second bedroom/walk-in wardrobe.

I should probably get some doweling rods to hang my next project from, I could do with having that knitting needle back!

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