New Year, New Goal

2015, though full of love, was full of change, adjustments and hard work. It was a pretty exhausting year and I let it get the better of my health and overall happiness. Work became my main focus and I was staying past my paid hours and working a position I don't get paid for, sapping so much of my energy that my own time was compromised. I'm pretty sure I napped through most of 2015. 

This year I resolve to use my time wisely and to my own benefit, rather than allowing myself to succumb to tiredness, which only leads to other bad habits which have taken root this year. I've already begun to break them and put better ones in place, but mostly this year I want to enjoy where I've worked hard to get myself, not compare myself to others, continue to grow and pursue my dreams - disgustingly cheesy and I've got much more work ahead of me, but I resolve to enjoy the journey and not let it be one that wears me down. 
So I will be better, but I will also remember that I am enough.

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