Spring is in the air and the flat is full to brim with flowers after D surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet delivered to work on Tuesday for my birthday. I was called into the head's office and I couldn't help but feel anxious (authority issues, clearly), only to be greeted by my gorgeous blooms, a balloon with my name and age on and the head and business manager grinning inanely at me. D always knows how to make me smile. 

Due to my final deadline for essays and case studies being tomorrow, I only got round to celebrating my birthday yesterday, but what a day. Celebrations came hand-in-hand with the exhilarating feeling of freedom that came with posting everything off for marking. I'm finally free of that heavy "shit-I-really-should-work-on-my-essays" feeling that's been lurking at the back of my head for so long. All my own fault, of course, I'm a serial procrastinator and would, it seems, prefer to put myself through extreme stress than work at a sensible pace. The irony of my last essay about self-defeating behaviours was not lost on me.

So I'm free and I'm on half-term! D has taken a week off and we've had the most deliciously languorous day and it's been completely guilt-free! No longer will I only be able to half enjoy my free time because I'm worrying about not spending it on essays. My time is my own, entirely, for the first time in two years. The plan is to fill it with reems of black paper, pages of fiction, silky embroideries and not a bit of guilt. 
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